Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Few Caveats

Whether you are one of my three friends who have indicated that they will read this blog, a person I know who has jumped over from my family's blog, or a stranger who has inadvertently stumbled upon this blog, it may be helpful for me to list a few caveats and explanations to keep in mind as you are reading:

1. I have been a Christian for 19 years now, and I strive everyday to love God with all my heart, my soul, my strength, and my mind. I believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible word of God, and on its words, I base my life.

2. This blog does not seek to be authoritative in any way. I am literally treating it as a journal of my thoughts and reactions, mostly in hope of feedback from others who are also searching for God's truth in Scripture.

3. I never for a moment doubt God's power, presence, or perfection. As a fallible human, however, I often get confused when seeking to understand Him. That should go without saying. As such, I may ask questions when thinking about Scripture. To me, asking questions is not a form of doubt; nor is it dangerous. As any teacher can tell you, asking questions is how we learn. And as any psalmist could tell you, asking questions is often an indicator of a relationship. Right now, my relationship with God is passionate. I desire to go deeper. That will inevitably mean asking questions. I say all that because sometimes asking questions is misinterpreted. I sincerely hope that that will not be the case with this blog.

4. That said, I know that I will not find the answer to all my questions. I won't try to make them up if I don't have them. One thing the Bible has taught me is humility. I want all the answers to all my questions, but God wants me to have faith. And He often builds it in me through the reading of Scriptures I don't understand.

Okay, those are all the caveats I can think of. Maybe it is going overboard to list them, but I very much want this blog to be a positive experience for all those who read it. I would hate to think that something I write would give the wrong impression of Scripture, or of me. I might even add this as a link to the bottom of each blog as a reminder of my intentions. We'll see:).

I am so excited to get started on this. If you are reading this, perhaps you will say a prayer for me as I undertake this process of getting to know God better!

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